Artist's Statement

I am a contemporary dance maker and choreographer, driven by the fundamental role that language plays in our everyday lives.  I am stimulated by both the power and the limits of words: they carry immense potential for expression and transformation, but despite our best attempts at vocalization, they fall short in their capacity to communicate the most poignant parts of the human experience.  Thus, my work seeks to address the limits of language by embodying what words cannot express.  Rooted in classical modern dance technique, emotionally-propelled gesture, and musically-driven arrangement,  I transcribe written and spoken histories of real individuals into movement, building a visceral connection between the audience, the dancers, and the subject.  Ultimately, by turning words into movement and arranging movement into a performance, I aim to foster empathy and inspire action, in subtle yet socially-reaching forms, by articulating the collective human experience.




Alison Machabee is a dancer, choreographer, and artist, newly based in New York City, who is propelled by a constant effort to live through dance and to dance through life.  She is not only nourished by the cathartic power of movement, but she is also compelled by its ability to nourish the audience and the community that it affects.  She holds a BFA in Dance Performance and a BBA in Business Management from Southern Methodist University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude as the Outstanding Senior Dancer and as a nominee for Outstanding Senior Woman.  She has performed in works by Paul Taylor, Adam Hougland, Danny Buraczeski, and Christopher Dolder, among others, and has been selected to choreograph several works for student productions at Southern Methodist University.  As part of her aim to use dance as a tool for social change,  she has launched an effort to bring dance education to underserved communities in both Dallas and Panama, building a partnership between the Meadows School of the Arts Dance Division and the All Stars Project of Dallas, as well as between the Dance Division and the national nonprofit Movement Exchange.  Lastly, Alison has devoted her summers at SMU to living and working in New York City, attending dance intensives on scholarship at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and at Shen Wei Dance Arts, while simultaneously interning in related fields.  As a new member of the New York City community, Alison understands the cadence of her responsibility as an artist to bring beauty, inspiration, and transformation to the city through her choreographic creations and performance presence.